Podcamp Boston2 - Rocked the House

There are many people I would like to thank for a great weekend of social media insight and friendly conversation. Some are in the picture above - Like Jeff Pulver calling himself "the Forest Gump of Telecom (see his amazing live PulverTV broadcast from the event here, new opposite friends - librarian extraordinaire Andrea Mercado and Simeon Margolis part of one of the coolest enablement tools - Utterz - of which I use soooo easily (see it over there on the right).

Chris Brogan is the main reason I participated - So major thanks! Chris is not pictured because every attempt to catch him while doing a million things resulted in a blurred image.

For more on the convergence between the Net, IP Communications, and the Computer, check out VON that is happening this week in the same House - the massive and not so perfect Boston Convention Center.