OMMA vs MIXX vs Ad:Tech

New York was hopping last week for the Advertising world (notice how we say offline and online less often these days). The easiest way to decide which of the above events to go to is if you missed the first two in NYC last week, then go to AdTech in November. These are all similar events - but with the market moving so fast we can use all the guidance, conversation, and networking we can get.

The main point seems that business-basics are back (and hard) - so we have to do lots of work applying just the right digital tools that actually effect the bottom line.

Here is a quick take with a link to each of their Agenda page. Definitely check out the key categories and topics.

MIXX - Since the IAB is backing this one, it brings in the heavy ad hitters for media strategy pontification. Nails it at "2.7" (somehow getting away with keeping the version joke going strong)

OMMA - More about how businesses are using tech for real goals like sales development, Direct Marketing and email.

Ad:Tech - For insight into "conversation and engagement." If last year was any indication, watch out for every Ad Network promising you... well, everything - plus a behaviorally targeted, rich-media banner on the kitchen sink.