Number Crunching ... 4.0

I like to make fun of this version game as much as you. However, it does make for good reference as we discuss ideas and resource commitments to interactive marketing. There is value for your company anywhere on the scale, from 1.0 to 4.0.

So, here is my take - to encourage our relevant, business development conversations:

1.0 = Site building "Brochureware"
2.0 = This browser and desktop period delivering 10% of all commerce
3.0 = The budding user-generated, social media sharing - like "MyFaceTube"
4.0 = The Engagement Web with the rest of the 90% of all commerce

4.0 is where companies choose to make customer-relationships a key part of their business processes and deploy technologies that allow multiple platform customer engagement. This includes measurable efficiencies within and beyond automated "personal" email replies, call centers that can send an email (!!), customized services, empowering customer's stories, etc.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunities here to build new and better experiences for companies and customers. Where branding is actually the dialogue itself and business models are created around participation (customer profit sharing will be a game-changer).

Earlier this year, MITX produced this compelling webcast with Boston's thought leaders.

Pick a number, any number.