Breakout Session for Biz Model Options

"Agent of Social Media" Julia Roy  (there on the right) grabbed this video of the breakout session I moderated this morning at Social Media Breakfast II. After my nautical introduction "... as the digital tide rises, who are the lighthouses and harbor masters to help companies navigate the treacherous waters ...", the conversation took off on the most compelling business models to sustain New Media.

Below (and here) are the notes we used. Of course Advertising is the most often cited savior of NGI (new TLA making the rounds = Next Generation Internet - safe enough) but the answer lies in testing multiple income streams and finding the best tech solution to manage and scale.

The best thing about this session was that the openness and flow of this great group fostered humor, disagreement and subsequent lessons with relevant insight.

More coverage of this event and Larry Weber's presentation will be at Bryan Person's site and here at the digTrends Blog