Ideas Rule

Scott Goodson, CEO of Strawberry Frog nailed the "future of advertising" months ago in this Blog and presentation from his Future Marketing Summit .

It's all about getting clients that believe in 3 things:
1- A new Ideas culture (good ideas make business work)
2- A new Value culture (support a focus on results)
3- A new Talent culture (#1 an #2 builds successful teams)

Scott's point is that Ideas can generate social value. By changing the model of our business relationships, we will change the world ... great ideas are aimed at connecting people who make decisions with the people who are affected by those decisions.

Dig this: "... work together to generate ideas that create more involved, more meaningful cultural connections, which drive business decisions that create more involved meaningful consumer relationships which feed back into companies as a virtual circle of interactivity that can leverage the company’s position to identify and effect relevant…social, environmental, world change."

Lofty - attainable - perfect