Social Media Breakfast is exactly that / Netweaving

What a great group at Boston's Social Media Breakfast yesterday. We met at the Pour House thanks to our neighborly host Bryan Person (charming New-media consultant in glasses) and our kind sponsor Sarah Wurrey of Custom Scoop (opposite corner of his table). The fact that so many like-minded (and nice) people showed up is a testament to the true value of technology... Ready? ... We can use the reach of the Web and efficiency of tech tools to set up valuable real-world meetings. There it is.

In the right picture above is the Pour House's engaging Jeannie, Business Wire's storytelling Elizabeth Koch, and Webber's Greg PC - see his stellar PR blog at Over the River ... I will let him tell you about his alarmingly interesting new project that he is sitting on.

I can't list everyone there, I think Laura wanted to remain anonymous, but I had blooming conversations with the enfamous (I just made that word up) Steve Garfield , Joshua Melvin with his new gig, and the Community Developer Chris Brogan.

The other point that this meeting reminded me about is the importance of "Netweaving."
(The term has since been branded by Bob Litttell of

- A Definition:

NetWeaving events put a spin on the traditional networking process. "What can I do for you?" rather than "What can you do for me?" The results are fantastic. People spend hours trying to involve themselves in others' needs. To give of themselves first. In traditional networking, you show up to work the room and try to make a few contacts. At a NetWeaving event, all the people in the room are trying to make connections for each other. NetWeaving is connecting people, and positioning yourself as a resource to others -- often on a totally gratuitous basis -- just with the belief to know that "what goes around, comes around."

This attitude shift makes you aware of the needs of others and at the same time challenges you to draw on your full range of resources - interest, intelligence, and contacts.

The challenge is as great as the reward!