Save the planet with a great new product or service business idea - Deadline is August 30th

PICNIC Green Challenge is calling on creative, innovative minds to come up with solutions to fight climate change. Anyone with a good idea for a product or service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions in a consumer-friendly way and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle is welcome to take part. It is great that Sir Richard Branson is involved to generate interest. Consider sending ideas their way!

Check out this important challenge/campaign HERE

I am sending in an idea that taps fund-raising Boy Scouts and the teen powered RelightNY project. How to save the planet? ... Change a light bulb. My Business Model gives local community incentives to switch from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient CFLs (compact fluorescent light). See relevant Sylvania products by clicking here

FYI - I heard of the Green Challenge from the Trendwatching spotters at Springwise - Consider signing up for their free newsletter of fascinating global/local ("glocal") business ideas - very cool and idea provoking!

I have enjoyed being part of the Amsterdam-based Springwise for years. Here is an overview from their site: "Springwise scans the globe for the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation. Ferociously tracking more than 400 global offline and online business resources, as well as taking to the streets of world cities, digital cameras at hand."

It is also easy to participate with ideas you have or come across ... and that is what this blog is really about.