Boston to NYC - And Back - And Forth

"Corridor" ... first heard that one in elementary school about a place not to run. I have been running (with scissors) ever since. The NY to Boston Corridor is choice track...probably one of the first in America (but certainly after that Mohawlk Trail)

We are going to talk about Workin in and around New York City and Boston... Let's start with Boston:


See this recent article in The Boston Globe that refers to OutsideIn's study about the most avid bogging out of 60 US cities; "Greater Boston had 89 posts per 100,000 residents, edging out Greater Philadelphia, which had 88 posts." Check out how OutsideIn makes it more than just individual ranting (politics, sports) but true social networking and interaction.

We care... we share!

Another great example of this is how much Boston-area activity there is with Yelp - I love yelp - check it out here for easy and relevant reviews and opinions. Yelp let's everyone have a voice while delivering value for very local and specific information. it takes a village ... that participates.

Keep talking!