TV Upfront ... Oxymoron

An oxymoron because TV is not upfront or honest about their dwindling audience while their CPM fees increase.

But yes, the big money is in TV and it will be for a long time. What do you sit in front of most every night?

Tha main two reason are that TV does get the biggest reach and it is relatively easy for the Brands and their agencies to buy - this part of the machine works.

But the new interactive machines being built are here already and getting better - easier to buy and easier to show an ROI.

A relevant MUST read is Bob Garfield's Chaos Scenario 2.0

In the meantime (as we see the Ad Industry change before our eyes), I suggest we Know Thy Enemy and learn about what works and doesn't in the TV Upfront. I will see you at Mediapost's event April 26th at the NY Hilton

I promise to stop the "2.0" stuff when it stops being relevant ... probably well into 3.0 - and Garfield uses it!