Transparency 2.0

So, "Transparency 2.0" is supposed to awaken companies (mostly the big ones that actually want your attention) to the need for a strategy to engage with customers that are already talking about their Brand.

Wired just hit this real hard - Get Naked and ...

"Smart companies are sharing secrets with rivals, blogging about products in their pipeline, even admitting to their failures. The name of this new game is RADICAL TRANSPARENCY, and it's sweeping boardrooms across the nation. Even those Office drones at Dunder Mifflin get it. So strip down and learn how to have it all by baring it all."

This is a huge and scary undertaking for control-freaks with a business model that works - Also known as most companies.

This post was inspired by a great conversation with two gentlemen I met at The Web Innovators Group last week - Greg Peverill-Conti have that perfect blend of genius and nice... I look forward to more interaction with them.

Contact me (or them) to discuss how we can help your comapny with this this NEW CHANNEL of growth.