Business Strategy meets Business Development              

Sales will increase when you simplify buying. Easy, right? I help you understand your best prospects and inspire the  participation that will grow your business. The goal is to take the quickest and most confident steps to demonstrating your value, solving problems, and closing deals.

I believe there are two paths to sales:

1) Quick connections for fast solutions

2) A strategic method of clarifying the right mix of marketing promotion and technology that integrates with the existing agendas across your company and market ecosystem...

... Both Work (but it's best in that order)

My Mission is to help companies grow their existing and new business by optimizing the effectiveness between Sales and Marketing. I honor the best traditional methods and the most relevant new Digital techniques. Read more about the 7 ways to grow value, trust, and sales.

Allow me to be (and coach your team to be) your most persuasive advocate, promoter, door opener, cat herder, rainmaker, and wing man.
Here are some of my services:

- Market Research - Assess customer needs
- Promotions - Get noticed at the right time and place
- Connections - To partners, vendors, and customers
Deal Coaching - Ideas and materials to close your next deals
Riff Report - Customer/competitive analysis to discover quick wins
- Digital Toolbox - Proven services to more easily grow your business
Mobile tricks - Better communication with your team and customers.
Content Creation - Get the right story to the right prospects and be found
I have also earned a reputation for fun and informative one-on-one and group presentations, training, and workshop sessions.

What makes me (and my partners) unique is reliable integrity and our range of experience across industries and media. We strive for clarity as we apply our knowledge to 
simplify your process and unburden your people while finding hidden sales and promotion opportunities that can pop up anywhere these days.

Some thoughts on your new opportunities:

Change is a constant that borders on chaos. Internet Marketing has many answers and as many questions. We help you see through the “bright shiny new tech media promises” and take advantage of the proven opportunities that are relevant for your particular needs and your customers... So...

Since both your business and consumer clients are changing, you need to evolve your strategy and tactics.

Your Sweet Spot?
We can begin with the below image about your Strategic Sweet Spot. These 3 elements are evolving and need to be understood and acted on. Your success is directly related to how accurate and unbiased your assessments are (please read that again). Let's find opportunities where your company meets your client's needs... where your competitors can't. 

That's a start... 

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