A solution for getting back to work! ... Cleared4Work

Here is a solution!

I am advising www.Cleared4Work.com - a proven and low cost - automated system that helps employees and visitors safely bring back to the workplace.

As staff, visitors and students return to offices, schools and venues across the world, the CLEARED4 platform helps responsible organizations stay ahead of the curve by automating the process of ensuring a safer  Covid-19-free environment.

Our system minimizes employee disruptions, risk of litigation, loss of talent to illness, and avoids the negative press of outbreaks.

Our integrated platform has employee symptom monitoring, can be integrated into building access control, has contract trace reporting and Covid-19 testing integration.

The cost can be variable based on customization, but is around only $5 per employee per month.

We have over 110,000 employees on our platform in almost every industry: schools, factories, buildings, professional services, restaurants, sports teams, governments and hospitals.... from small businesses to IBM.

Who do you know that needs help returning employees back to work? ... Everyone!?

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All the best as always.



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