Ax (Ask) The Middleman

Why is the nicest Boston smartypants you'll ever meet David Chang slumming it with the Feelter platform (for Social wisdom on products)... ?

Because the right tech means they are taking out the middleman.

Feelter uses new tech to bring only relevant social conversation to you... so they are not just axing the middleman... they are actually asking.

David recently described a few really interesting reasons why he is taking this gig out of so many opportunities. Mostly because "the truth sells."

Key tech excerpt:

2. Unique technology. The platform has some special sauce in the way it combines natural language processing techniques with a comprehensive content analysis for each social mention. The outcome, a deep-learning algorithm, is the first engine to determine the relevancy of social content to a consumer’s decision making process. It understands not only the sentiment of the social conversation regarding products, but which parts of it actually drive people to take action

Feelter delivers buyers directly to relevant trusted reviews... and sellers get to be at the right place at the right time